Similarities Between Fitzgerby And The Great Gatsby

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James Li Ms. Wall English 10-1B 12 October 2015 Fitzgerald and The Great Gatsby Famous writer, Virginia Woolf once said, “Books are the mirrors of the soul.” For many writers, this statement cannot be any more true. Either consciously or unconsciously, many writers tend to incorporate personal biographical material in their fiction whether it be realistic or fantasy. Authors feel the most comfortable writing about what they know. Likewise, The Great Gatsby is no different. Regarded as F. Scott Fitzgerald’s most notable work, The Great Gatsby resonates with the author’s personal experiences and life. In the Great Gatsby, multiple aspects in the novel such as the characterization of Nick, the portrayal of Gatsby, and the depiction of the American…show more content…
Both of them lose themselves in romance, immerse blindly in wealth, and have strong opinions on alcohol. Even though Fitzgerald originally intended Gatsby to be as different from himself as possible, halfway through the writing whether conscious or not, Gatsby changed into himself. The similarity between Gatsby and Fitzgerald is first seen in that they both have desperate attempts of affection. Because their loved ones being rather materialistic, both Fitzgerald and Gatsby resort to incredible measures to gain financial prospect to impress them. Fitzgerald, who originally wrote for pleasure now resorted to writing stories solely for money and Gatsby indulged himself in bootlegging. As well as wealth, Fitzgerald and Gatsby also sacrificed their lifestyle in pursuit of women. In attempt to attune himself to Zelda’s extravagant lifestyle, Fitzgerald introduced himself to alcohol and partying. They attended and hosted many parties featuring illegal alcohol during the Prohibition era and Fitzgerald consequently grew to became extremely alcoholic. Growing more and more unproductive in his writing and demanding quick money, Fitzgerald had no choice but to resort to writing mediocre stories. Fitzgerald, regretting the effect his lifestyle has had on his life, notes the

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