Similarities Between Flight And Kindred

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The power is within you

What makes individual so different from the rest of the society when they know how to use their power? At some point in life, human beings values power in order to separate themselves from a cruel society. There are few people in the society who don’t know they were born with the natural power until they face some situations that awakens them. However, different situations and circumstances help people to find who they are by making decisions of not turning back. In Sherman Alexie's novel flight, and in “Kindred” by Octavia E. Butler, coming of age and the struggle to know that you have control of your life is an important theme. Throughout different circumstances depicted in both books, the protagonists realized
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In the beginning of the book Dana’s physical appearance affected her. One situation that she encountered is when she was going back to the cabin to find Alice and was mistaken by the patrollers. The patrollers were like security guards who make sure slaves were not moving around at night. Since Dana Black they thought she was related to the slaves. The setting of this story is in the slavery time. According to Butler “The man had stopped beating me. Now he simply kept a tight hold on me and looked at me. I could see that I had left a few scratches on his face. Shallow insignificant scratches. The man rubbed his hand across them, looked at the blood, then looked at me, (Butlers Pg 42). Throughout the book we see that Dana is encountering different situations including violence. This shows that during the slavery time people like her were not treated well. There were so many violence going on around. The protagonist is experiencing violence and being molested by a white person. In this time escaping violence without power is very difficult. That is why Dana was affected physically because of being…show more content…
Having people to decide where Zits should live. Clearly shows how the past have left physical marks on him. In this scene Zits is surrounded by Indian people in the Indian community. He sees his Indian father coming to his side and wants to talk to him, but he can’t. According Alexie “I scream out Daddy! But nothing comes out of my mouth” (Alexies. 7). Zits tried to greet his new Indian father, but he realized that he voice was not working, which shows an internal injury that someone have left on him to the point he can’t communicate. ----- This tells us that the past didn't treat him right because of the physical scars that were left on him. From not to being able to speak and being heard, to living in different foster homes. Then having people lead his path shows how the past have left big physical marks on him. The reader can feel also that the protagonist had no choice but, to live the life that was designed for
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