Similarities Between France and Canada’s Health Care System

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Many would agree that a worthy, controlled health system, above all, should essentially contribute to good health. The responsibility of a health care system is that the organization of people, institutions, and resources deliver the health care services required and meet the health needs of focus populations. Another duty that the health care systems stimulate is the reduction of inequality to race, gender, social status and religion. Each health care system is different when looking at specific countries across the world, however some countries are more similar than others, such as France and Canada’s health care system. These two countries have numerous similarities when examining their health care systems, conversely that does not denote that both France and Canada are just as equivalent as the other. When observing countless aspects, such as longevity and infant mortality, as well as a lot of the inputs such as doctors or beds per capita, and of course the total expenditure on health as a percentage of GDP over the year, it is seen that France has a better and more enhanced health care system than Canada.

One major issue that differentiation France’s health care system opposed to Canada’s is the wait times, French citizens wait minimal minutes compared to those in Canada. Canadians can't overlook the reality of wait times when it comes to their health care system, it usually takes up to months for diagnostic tests or MRIs, and for emergency care it can take up to
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