Similarities Between Frankenstein And Mary Shelley 's Frankenstein

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A multitude of signs illustrates similarities between the Frankenstein’s creature and Mary Shelley. These indications show that the novel may be an autobiography. However, the novel shows a lot of the characteristics of science fiction. The novel can be a real description or fiction narrative, but not both. An informed opinion about this controversy requires the evaluation of relevant critics. Sherry Ginn uses “Mary Shelley 's Frankenstein: Science, Science Fiction, or Autobiography?” to adequately argue that the novel Frankenstein is based on Shelley’s experiences and fears, that it is not an autobiography, and that it has all the characteristics of a science fiction narrative.
Much evidences show that the novel is based on Mary’s life. This counterargument does not convert the novel to an autobiography; however, they show that her book is based on her personal experiences and fears. Victor’s motivation for resuscitation is comparable to Mary’s desires to bring her children back to life; these desires are clearly shown by comments of the literature critic Katherine Morales, “After having read about Mary’s life, it is very easy to deduce that the life resuscitation topic in Frankenstein was influenced by Mary’s deep wish to bring her loved ones back to life” (110). Additionally, Victor unscrupulous investigations mimic Percy’s life events as a university student; in 1811, the Oxford University expelled Percy when he denied being the author of a paper called Necessity of
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