Similarities Between Frankenstein And The Rebellious Robot

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There are many similarities and differences between two stories, “Frankenstein”, and “The Rebellious Robot”. The story, “Frankenstein”, is about the creator of Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein, being afraid of the own monster he created and hoping that it would leave his home. The story, “The Rebellious Robot”, is about two children who are catching up and one of the children has a robot which is having some minor difficulties doing what it and isn’t supposed to. The stories each have traits which make them similar and different in: how the stories approach the theme of runaway technology, characters, and points of view.

The stories, “Frankenstein” and “The Rebellious Robot”, compare and contrast in many different ways, one way is how the two stories approach the theme of runaway technology. They differ because in, “Frankenstein”, Victor is afraid of his monster which he made. The story, “The Rebellious Robot”, the children are surprised by the robot's behavior rather than scared by it. For example, the text, “Frankenstein” says, “I then reflected, and the thought made me shiver, that the creature whom I had left in my apartment might still be there, alive and walking about.”, this shows that Victor is afraid of the monster he created and he is scared to go to his home and see it there. The text, “The Rebellious Robot” says, “Wow, that was outrageous! Should I help you clean it up?, Greta asked.”, this shows that Greta was surprised by the robot's behavior. These stories are similar because both pieces of technology had something special about them, one had a runaway monster, the other had a robot that kept acting up, they are also both pieces of technology. The ways the two pieces of technology act in the stories compare and contrast in many ways.

One other way that the stories, “Frankenstein”, and “The Rebellious Robot” compare and contrast is characters. The stories differ in character because in “Frankenstein” Victor, the creator of Frankenstein, is a grown adult who lives by himself. In “The Rebellious Robot”, the characters are still children who have to be cared for by an adult. For example, the story “Frankenstein” says, “I walked with a quick pace, and we soon arrived at my college...the

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