Similarities Between Frankenstein 's Creature And Mary Shelley 's Frankenstein

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A multitude of evidences show similarities between the Frankenstein’s creature and Mary Shelley’s. These indications show that the novel may be an autobiography. On the other hand, the novel shows a lot of the characteristics of science fiction. The novel cannot be classified as both, a real description and a fiction narrative, at the same time. An informed opinion about this controversy requires the evaluation of redundant critics. Sherry Ginn uses “Mary Shelley 's Frankenstein: Science, Science Fiction, or Autobiography?” to adequate argue that Frankenstein’s creature is a science fiction novel by showing that it is not an autobiography, and by showing that the novel has all the characteristics of a science fiction narrative.
This paper shows the procedure that Ginn uses to prove that Frankenstein is a science fiction novel, as opposed to an autobiography; it also analyzes her arguments, and her conclusions. Ginn proves that the novel is a biography by analyzing the elements of the novel and comparing them to Maria Shelley’s life. The main elements of the novel, similar to the author’s life, are the desire to resuscitate a dead child, a student conducting unethical research, the tombstone, an orphan, and a father that rejects his child. Neitherless, many discrepancies exist like the differences between the personalities of Percy Shelley and Victor Frankenstein, the fact that Mary never repudiated her father, and the fact that William did not reject Mary as Victor rejects
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