Similarities Between Frost And Heaney

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Both poets, Frost and Heaney wrote in the pastoral tradition, drawing on the natural landscape of Bellaghy, Co Derry and Frost and the farmland of New England, Massachusetts. Respectively Frost is an influence on Heaney evident in the ‘sound of sense’ and Heaney borrowed the Frostian voice of rural vernacular with his use of unadorned language and natural speech rhythms, giving both poets work a conversational intimacy. Likewise, both poets used the everyday quotidian to illuminate universal truths and to extrapolate deeper meanings from ordinary. Similarly they used interactions with the natural world to produce profound revelations about the past, mortality, human loss, childhood, the creative process, journeys and self-discovery. The…show more content…
Continuing on from this, the monosyllabic line ‘does not rust’ is assertive as he emphasises the permanence of the father’s love; the internal rhyme ‘brightens as it tightens’ reflects not just the rhythm of the plaiting motion but also the fluidity of the movement as the wheat is burnished by the constant tightening and smoothening; as he shapes it into a halo-like crown with the luminescence of gold (transformation). However, the ‘throwaway love-knot’ is a contradictory/juxtaposition as the oxymoron suggests that it is both disposable yet also a cherished air loom. Yet, Mending Wall opens with the syntactical positioning of ‘something’ at the start of the sentence highlighting the puzzle that he is seeking to deceiver on the insight that he is searching for as the word ‘something’ has connotations of an enigma that he ponders on. Then, Spring is personified as a kind of animating force evident in the verbs, ‘sends’, ‘spills’ and ‘makes’ as being the physical explanation for the dismantled wall due to the stones yielding to the gravitational pull of the Earth and the contraction of the melting ice. The speculative tone continues in the fifth line ‘work of the hunters’ tone of reprimanding and disapproving, ‘left not one stone on a stone’. There

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