Similarities Between Grandfather And Families

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As our society progresses we start to notice changes within each generation. these changes can be seen through our family values, the education systems, technological advances and overall norms in our society. Even though there may be many evident differences in each generation, there are also many similarities such as the way we deal or cope with difficult situations. These differences can be seen through our family members, friends and strangers. I am able to see and compare these differences and similarities through interviewing my grandfather.
Through this assignment I learnt a lot about my grandpa and his family. We share the another similarity through our siblings. My grandpa has a brother who is five years younger than him and my
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This demonstrates how nowadays, we have more equal roles for men and women.
I saw differences with my grandpa through our hobbies and pastimes. I notice that he enjoys reading and outdoor activities such as fishing because when he was younger, he never had access to technology like we do today. He used to have to find other ways to spend his time so going outside and fishing with his dad or reading a novel were things he enjoyed. I on the other hand, was born into a generation that revolves around technology. Therefore, many of my hobbies have to do with cell phones, television and computers. I don’t read because I prefer to watch movies. Also, I do go out with friends but we never do any outdoor activities. When we hang out, it is mostly going to the movies or out for dinner.
A similarity my grandpa and I both have is that we had to endure and overcome difficult situations. My grandpa had to overcome his dad leaving for war and the death of his father and I had to overcome the illness of my uncle. The two situations negatively impacted our lives but also mad us stronger people. My grandpa’s experiences caused his childhood to be very emotional and difficult to cope with as a child and his fathers death impacted his whole family including my dad, because it was his grandpa who passed away as well. Every generation, people will be faced with difficult situations that might have a negative impact and that is something all of us humans, have in
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