Similarities Between Halloween And Day Of The Dead

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Halloween is a fun, worldwide holiday. Today, Halloween, for children, is going out onto the streets and roaming from house to house asking for, mainly, candy. For adults, Halloween could mean parties, or handing out things to the children, or spending time with family. A similar holiday to Halloween, Day of the Dead. Day of the Dead is mainly limited to hispanic culture, however it has started to spread in more recent years. During Day of the Dead families create altars to attract and guide loved ones to their home, and the afterlife. Día de los Muertos consists of many community-wide celebrations, and parties. During Day of the Dead many people will dress up as skeletons and parade the streets of their community. These holidays might…show more content…
The belief in the afterlife involved with this holiday is very similar to that of the mesoamericans. The aztecs in particular had a month long celebration, very similar to that of Day of the Dead, in which they honored and delivered offerings to the deceased. When the spaniards arrived they did a fair job of popularizing their faith among the mesoamericans. The mesoamericans moved their month long celebration of death to coincide with the catholic holidays of All Saints and All Souls(November 1st and 2nd). Today, Day of the Dead is about celebrating death by creating altars carpeted with offerings to the souls of loved ones. Today, an iconic symbol of Día de los Muertos is the skeleton, one of the most significant skeleton characters is La Catrina. Day of the Dead is now picking up bits and pieces of Halloween tradition. Children are now participating in pedir los muertos, or ask the dead, during which children dress in costumes and meander, receiving candy as well as things from people’s day of the dead altars, in some places. Halloween has already spread worldwide, and been given many cultural interpretations of what it represents, and how it should be celebrated. However, Día de los Muertos has just recently started spreading farther outside of hispanic culture. Día de los Muertos is a holiday celebrating death and the afterlife that death brings, as well as embracing the deceased as if they are, in a way, gods. Whereas, Halloween’s
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