Similarities Between Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone

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Call to Adventure: How does the character receive the call to adventure? In the movie Harry potter and the Sorcerer?s Stone, every movie is his birthday. On his birthday there is always something that requires him to do something. In this particular movie, he is require to join the wizard school Hogwarts. The thing his he live with the Dursley family and they aren?t very fond with him. When the Dursley?s receive Harry?s acceptance letter for Hogwarts, they refuse to let him know anything about it. In the end, the letter gets to him and he find out that he is needed at Hogwarts. The Dursley?s are fed up with how Harry got the letter and decided to move somewhere far way.

Refusal of the Call: Does the character
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A lot of the time these heroes will be known with a specific ideal such has ?the chosen one. ?Harry potter display his brave and courageous acts. He is also willing to risk his life for others. For example, when he fought the troll, he could have died since he didn?t have much experience with magic. He didn?t care his friend was in need of help and he need to save her. Furthermore, having the will to do something they set out to do make them exceptional heroes. Harry potter heroic deeds consisted of defeating the troll, Professor Quirrell, and Lord Voldemort. These deed made Harry heroic because it displayed his brave and courage traits. The artist uses harry scar on his head to make harry stand out more. Other than just being the chosen one, the author gave harry a light bolt scar. This scar made his more popular among children and young adults. When I first saw the as a kid, I certainly wanted to a scar like Harry Potter. Harry?s journey is important to children because it teaches them to be brave and courage. This is why children often say things like ?Harry Potter wouldn?t do this? or ?Harry Potter would stand up for this? and so forth. If a hero is not will to give up everything they have, to me they are not heroes. These heroes are willing to give up everything they have for the sake of their determination to achieve their
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