Similarities Between Heart To Heart And What Love Isnt Poem

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Love. Love is such a complicated feeling, it is “never pretty or clean” (Daley-Ward 13), and it is “always, always surprising.” (Daley-Ward 22). The way people portray love can be very different at times but can also be very similar. In the two poems “Heart to Heart” and “What Love Isn’t”, it describes how the speaker feels about love and how love can affect someone both positively and negatively. Both poems use their fair share of figurative language to really draw out their emotions and opinions on the complicated matter of love. These two poems have a lot of similarities and differences between them and all in all approach the topic of love very differently. The poem “What Love Isn’t” by Yrsa Daley-Ward, has lots of metaphors that are…show more content…
The poem starts off by explaining how love isn’t “red nor sweet.” (Dove 1), and then goes on to say how love is just a “thick clutch of muscle.” (Dove 12). This makes the reader feel that the poet maybe doesn’t feel like love matters, but towards the end the poet starts to explain how they want love and that they can “feel it inside its cage.” (Dove 19.) The switch in tone of this poem may confuse the reader at first but if you look closer you can identify how this related to theme as that love is complex just like this poem. That is why the poet decided to make the poem change in tone so that it would match up with the…show more content…
First off both poems use many different metaphors to explain how love feels to them. These metaphors help to relate to the theme as it helps the reader sort of visualize what the poet was thinking when they wrote the poem and helps the reader to get a better grasp and understanding of the theme. Both poems also believe in the fact that love is unstoppable. In the poem “Heart to Heart” there is a line where after the speaker explains how love can be hard the speaker then says that “I want I want- but I can’t open it” (Dove 21), which is basically saying that the speaker can’t get away from love and wants it but is having trouble getting through all the complexity of it. This theme also comes up in “What Love Isn’t” as throughout the poem the speaker talks about the negatives and difficulties of love but always adds how it is good and nutritious which is saying that the goods of love can’t be stopped and that love is
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