Similarities Between Hector And Achilles

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The Heroic Code is a testament to the warriors as it portrays their knowledge of the relationships with their enemies threatening their society. In heroic society the warrior would rather die than fail in his task. A hero desires from battle to have honor, glory, fame, and reputation. There are four pillars to the Heroic code. The first code states to continuously be the best and bravest so that you will be distinguished above others. The second code states to quickly stand firm, while the third states to be a speaker of words and an achiever of deeds. The last and final code states to help one 's friends, while harming one 's enemies (Shaw). The real definition of the heroic code is Hector from Troy. Although Hector and Achilles have many similarities, they have more differences. Some of their similarities include, being a great warrior, having the yearning to achieve greatness, and having the personality to take charge to be a leader. However, many of their differences are that they fought for different things, came from different backgrounds, and their life goals are completely opposite. In “The Iliad”, Hector and Achilles are two of the best warriors in their city. Hector is in charge of the Trojans, while Achilles is in charge of the Greeks. Both are great fighters and command their armies in the battle of Troy. Each warrior has pride, endless self confidence, and glory. Both, Hector and Achilles, have a desire to be well respected and to become heroes to their own

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