Similarities Between Heulf And Beowulf

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The chronicles in Beowulf are episodic and carry many conundrums. Specifically, there lies an enormous contrast between good and evil. The protagonist, Beowulf, is chivalrous, mighty, and loyal. By the same token, Beowulf's heroic showing enables him to be the ultimate keeper of justice. On the other hand, Grendel upholds evil that is derived from pure envy. It is important to note that Grendel has a high level of combat experience, just as Beowulf; however, the wicked man's prowess is used for iniquitous ways. The juxtaposition between the great Beowulf and the relentless Grendel is significant in distinction because of the fact that both characters are so unlike. To specify, Beowulf is honorable and Grendel is villainous. All things…show more content…
The qualified fighter, Beowulf, formulates his strategy for his battle with the emotions of the Danes carried on his back, whereas Grendel's entire purpose for all of the massacres derives from jealousy.
Wickedly, the covetousness of Grendel derives from feeling isolated from the Danes. In a likewise manner, it is important to note that Gendel is also left alone by his own kind, the different monsters that are collocated near the villain. More importantly, the simple reason that God exiled the biblical character, Cain, is the same reason that Grendel is exiled, specifically, with regard to the two being relatives. Nevertheless, the descendants of Cain are punished because Cain killed his brother, Able. In other words, Grendel's expulsion from the Danes is inherited from God; consequently, the bitter man takes it out on King Hrothgar's people. To illustrate, Heaney reports when Grendel's jealousy erupts into mass killings:
Then a powerful demon, a prowler through the dark, nursed a hard grievance. It harrowed him to hear the din of the loud banquet every day in the hall: (9. 86-89).
The text above indicates that Grendel's spite is turning into an unstoppable issue for the Danes. In fact, the writer hypothesizes that the joyful sounds in Heorot devastate Grendel because he is not a part of it. Under these circumstances, the wicked man takes matters

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