Similarities Between Hills And Dale

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In an organization, the flow of information in different direction creates the communication network. Network could be of many different types but broadly it could be of two types- internal communication network and external communication network. Internal communication network is consisted of all kinds of communication within the organization. All the internal stakeholders of the company conduct their communication through this network. External communication network, on the other hand, is the network for the outside stakeholders of the company. Outside stakeholder could be the society, government, educational institutions etc. An organization always try to regulate the network strictly and mange it accordingly to ensure the proper flow of information. Internal communication:
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First of all, the nature of these two organizations is totally different. Therefore, the products and services offered by these companies are different. Hence, the organogram and organizational structure of these companies are not the same. For example, TCS conducts supply chain management services which need a long chain of management. But in case of Hills and Dales, the nature of the service requires short chain of management eg childcare, residence service etc. Hence, for Hills and Dales, internal communication network is shorter vertically than that of TCS.
Another difference in internal communication system is that, there is less peer interaction for Hills and Dales. For example, an employee who is working for Hills and Dales in a childcare center will not be communicated with other employees of other centers such as residential centers. But in case of TCS, there is a higher chance of peer interaction as employees of different departments work together in near proximity. Therefore, in case of TCS, the horizontal communication network is relatively
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