Similarities Between Hinduism And Christianity

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Hinduism and Christianity are two religions with different virtues and teachings. Various things differ among these two religions. For example, in Hinduism there is an aspect of enlightenment whereas in Christianity there is baptism. Each of the two religions emphasize that the followers must stick to the teachings. The followers are taught the ways of the religion and believe that the teachings that they receive are the best. Each of the two religions emphasizes that the way they look at things is the best. Various comparisons are made for various religions by various people. The comparisons are meant to identify some of the differences that are there in virtues and the similarities as well. This paper seeks to look at the…show more content…
Contingent upon the Karma individuals will need to experience the outcomes. What 's more, if one does not have a decent profound lead and administrations for the duration of existence, his spirit won 't be freed. The individual will must be conceived once more. This idea of being renewed as an interesting one and is solely connected with Hinduism. What 's more, it is from this that the idea of edification comes in. Enlightenment is the procedure through which one ENLIGHTENMENT VESRUS BAPTISM 3 can accomplish freedom of the spirit. Albeit numerous individuals consider that favors from the edified individuals, or those, who have achieved their profound freedom is helpful; the truth of the matter is something else. “Endowments are constantly advantageous for each spirit, yet minor gifts with no catching up of the profound way for the duration of the life can help you to accomplish illumination” (The Hindu Forum, 2015). The best way to procure edification is by going the way of the most profound sense of being. To elucidate what this way of the most profound sense of being is, one needs to dive deep down into the expressions of Bhagavad Gita. This is the blessed content of the Hindus in which the idea of insight has been altogether examined. That is the reason; the way to a deep sense of being can likewise be discovered and achieved through the readings and teachings of Bhagavad Gita (Webb, 2013). Hinduism asserts that the
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