Similarities Between Hinduism And Hinduism

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Not many westerners know about eastern religions. The first thing that people think of is yoga, meditation, and Buddha. Buddhism and Hinduism are two of the world’s oldest religion. Since Buddhism developed from Hinduism they can be very similar however, they are not the same because both religions have different types of rituals, founders, and gods. They also have different views on life and enlightenment. In this paper I will discuss the foundations and practices of both religions and then move into a discussion comparing and contrasting the two religions. Hinduism is a very interesting religion to study. Hinduism was founded and is primarily focused in India. Hinduism is a way of life for many Indians. The Hindus have one God named Brahman, the Ultimate Reality, who takes many forms to three other gods, Vishnu, Shiva, and Devi (M. Nichols 8/31). This religion is not polytheistic, it is just that Brahman appeals to all. Hindus also have many ways of practice. The goal of the Hindu religion is to unite one’s atman, soul, with Brahman, the ultimate (M. Nichols 8/31). An individual can strengthen that relationship with karma. There is good karma and bad karma in the world. Karma is the moral law of cause and effect (Smith 49). One can get good karma by doing their dharma or duty. Hinduism is a religion that focuses on community as a central theme. The community has an importance, that no individual can command (Smith 21). Dharma deals with your duty and…
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