Similarities Between Hinduism And Hinduism

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Christianity Versus Hinduism

Christianity and Hinduism, are two of the worlds oldest religions. Although they are very different religions they share one main goal; salvation. However, their idea of salvation and what they have to do ,and what must be done to attain salvation are very different.
Two main similarities between the Hindu religion and Christian religion are referred to by different titles; nevertheless they are represented by the same action. One example of these similarities would be prayer and meditation. Christians pray to God to ask for forgiveness and help such as healing and strength. However Hindus practice meditation, this is a type of prayer that starts with a poem, believed to be written by their god."Hinduism vs. Christianity.(" N.p., n.d. Web. 15 Feb. 2016.) Hindus meditate to reach inner peace which in return gives them strength and healing. Some secs of Hinduism even call meditation prayer, and even require it to be done three times a day. (
Both the Christian religion, as well as Hindu religion, believe they have to strive to be at their best morally at all times. Christians do this to be more Christ like in hopes that people will see Christ in them and in turn want to follow and serve him. Nonetheless, Hindus believe this helps them to reach enlightenment, which pleases their god and this will bring them closer to their salvation.
Also differences exist as well. First, Christians believe in and serve one God, the…
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