Similarities Between Hindus Of Early Ages And The New Era

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The similarities between Hindus of early ages and people of new era. Submited to: Dr. Aziz-ur-Rehman Saifee. Name: Maaz Ansari. Roll no.: k14-2203. 12/3/2014 Contents The similarities between Hindus of early ages and the new Era. 3 ABSTRACT: 3 deeds. 3 Keywords: 3 Introduction: 3 Act of Mushriks before Islam: 3 Idolization: 4 Types of Shirk: 4 Major Shirk: 4 Minor Shirk: 4 Mistakes that Muslims do: 4 Grave worship: 5 Love something more than ALLAH: 5 To swear with other name: 6 Committing of Riya: 6 Dua against riya: 6 Making fun of Islam or sunnah: 7 How can we be a better Muslim : 7 Women status before Islam 8 STATUS: 8 Burying infant girls. 8 Today’s situation: 8 PRESENT TIME WIVES: 9 Situation in Pakistan: 9 Political situation…show more content…
Swearing by someone, name except Allah, showing off are the acts of Shirk which are considered as minor shirk. Mistakes that Muslims do: "He said, Mary, who gave you all this? She said, 'they are all from Allah'..." (Qur'an 3:37) Grave worship: As the Hindus before Islam worship idols but they've believe that the true God of this world is Allah. But they said that the idols they worship is the favorite person of God. As we're sinful people so we worship them and the take our prayers to Allah. The people of this time were also used to do worship of graves. this is the very major of shirk. Unfortunately the Muslims of today’s era are also involve in this sin. They don't worship idols but they worship graves or they do sajda in front of graves. Many Muslims do dua on shrine of saints in pakista which is highly prohibited in Islam. Allah says: “Worship Allaah and join none with Him (in worship)” [al-Nisa’ 4:36] “Verily, Allaah forgives not (the sin of) setting up partners (in worship) with Him, but He forgives whom He wills, sins other than that, and whoever sets up partners in worship with Allaah, has indeed strayed far…show more content…
Fear this shirk as it is more hidden than a crawling ant." 'Abdullah ibn Hazm and Qays bin al-Madaarib both stood and said, "By Allah! You should clarify what you have said, otherwise we shall bring 'Umar with authority on our behalf or without it". He then said, "Rather I will explain to you what I said. Allaah's Messenger (saw) addressed us one day and said, "O People! Fear this shirk as it is more hidden than a crawling ant." Then someone whom Allaah had willed to speak said: " And how shall we save ourselves from it when it is more hidden than a crawling ant, O Messenger of Allaah?". He said, "Say "Allahumma inni a`udhu bika an ushrika bika wa ana a`lamu wa astaghfiruka lima la a`lamu" [O Allah I seek refuge in You from knowingly associating partners with You, and I seek Your forgiveness for that which I do not know]. Making fun of Islam or sunnah: some people of our society making for of same aspects of sunnah, such as making fun of beard, clothes and other things that are the part of Sunnah, Sunnah means those types of acts and actions performed by our beloved Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) (The messenger of Allah) and who ever make fun of Sunnah will not be a

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