Similarities Between Islam And Buddhism

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Islam and Buddhism In this paper the purpose is to take two religions, to find similarities and differences between the two. The two world religions chosen are Islam and Buddhism, to someone just considering religions, they could be confused, at the surface they could think, that these two religions are so different that one could not find any substantial, and meaningful similarities. Well that thought is a very insider’s view on the facts and histories of religion. as there are differences in each religion which is what makes them unique, there are also similarities which are fascinating and which I intend on explaining for the rest of the length of this paper. In the Buddhism and Islamic tradition, they both speak of a man of significance. For Buddhism, it’s the Buddha, the founder of the Buddhist way of life, their eternal teacher for some he is called, the man who carved the path for all. For the Islamic people, they have Muhammed, considered to most in Islamic tradition to be a prophet a messenger sent from god. In the Islamic culture, it is said that ‘no one could ever succeed Muhammad in his nature and quality as a prophet. (partridge 397) These two men, in the very broad sense of the word each taught the path that individuals should take to achieve the goal, and by that made their legacy as some might say as the founders of their religion. For some Buddhist that goal is the eight-fold path or the way to liberation, this path can often be substituted for just a
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