Similarities Between Itunes And Itunes

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In early 1800’s, Thomas Alva Edison invented a method of recording and playing back sound with a simple apparatus. Thus began the evolution of music industry. From gramophones to tapes to compact discs, music industry has undergone drastic transformations with improvised technologies and innovations.

Fifteen years ago (June 1,1999), the style of listening and sharing music has been completely revolutionized by two teenagers, Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker. They created an online platform for swapping music and named it NAPSTER. Thus began the era of online music. Though Napster was initially a great success, their service was considered to be illegal and legal battles eventually ruined Napster. However, online music industry continued to stay in light with companies like apple providing legal ways to purchase and download music online.

In this paper, I wish to analyze and compare two major online music stores – iTunes and Amazon MP3. These online stores have totally transformed the way music is sold and purchased.
Founded by Steve Jobs in 2001, Apple’s iTunes was the first company to enable legal downloading of music. Though several other online music stores such as Rhapsody were available in the market, they had certain limitations such as limited
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iTunes software created by Apple helps in managing and playing both audio and video files on an iTunes compatible device. On taking into account the various kinds of innovations, I would categorize iTunes as a Radical innovation. Radical innovations are the kind of innovations that provide something new to an already existing idea and provide positive expectations to the users. Though there were other online music stores in the market, iTunes provided a legal platform to purchase and download music in a user-friendly manner. This provided a very high rate of customer fulfillment and the newness of technology is also
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