Similarities Between Jack And Piggy In Lord Of The Flies

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Jack and Piggy are two essential characters who are pivotal to the plot of Golding’s Lord of the Flies. The two have many differences, and counteract each other. However, there are also many similarities between the two. Jack and Piggy are, in a way, polar opposites of each other; Piggy is the force of logic, reason and sanity, but Jack is the force of instinct, impulse, and brute strength. The two opposite counteract each other, until instinct finally defeats logic. They are very different because Piggy represents the superego, the moral compass, whereas Jack represents the id, the primal impulse. A similarity between the two is that they both wanted rules at first. However, Piggy stayed true to his own rules, whereas Jack eventually…show more content…
Jack and Piggy constantly disagree; Piggy wants to do things in an orderly fashion, and keep order on the island. Jack wants to do everything his way, without concern for anyone or anything else. In the end, Jack’s brute force defeats Piggy’s logic when Roger kills Piggy with a flying boulder. Once Piggy is dead, all logic is gone and chaos breaks loose. At first, both Jack and Piggy care about order and rules. However, as time goes on, Piggy stays true to his belief while Jack slowly devolves into a primal beast. Both of the boys come from a society that values manners and law. Jack was a leader in his group of organized choir boys. However, the darkness was already inside of Jack even before coming to the island; he just expressed it through being a dictator to his choir boys and giving them strict rules instead of violence. Piggy also cares about rules but for a different reason. He values order and logic. To Piggy, there must be a reasonable explanation for everything. His rules benefit everyone, not just himself. The difference is that Piggy stays true to his rules until the end, but Jack eventually runs wild, and does not care about rules. He changes them to benefit himself. He shows this when he says, “Bollocks to the rules!” (Golding 91) When Jack first came to the island, the idea of having rules and punishing those who break them excited him. As time goes on, he eventually unleashes the primal desires within, and becomes wild and uncivilized. Jack
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