Similarities Between Jasper Jones And Jasper Jones

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I love to travel. The first time I went overseas was in 2011, and there in Malaysia I had some of the craziest experiences that I will never forget. But, on one particular evening, something absolutely horrible happened. A lady near the pool, screaming for help at the top of her lungs. My family and I, sprinting over to investigate, only to realise that she had been attacked by a gang of monkeys. Yes, monkeys. Now, the staff had warned us that, although rare, this sort of thing had happened before, but I don’t think anyone actually thought that it would happen to them. The lady was fine, thankfully, but looking at the situation in hindsight, it is obvious that this infestation of simians was inevitable, as she was holding a large plate full of fruit. Due to this experience, we all now understood that monkeys are more vicious than they look, and that they always go for the easiest targets. Likewise, in Craig Silvey’s novel Jasper Jones, the protagonist, Charlie, manages to develop a greater awareness of himself and his environment through the key concepts of verisimilitude and prejudice and racism, allowing him to recognise the injustices in society, and become a more mature, and well-informed person. The way we form opinions on individuals based solely off first appearances is often a reflection of our character and the environment in which we grew up. Jasper Jones is set in 1960s Australia, where Aboriginals were still often treated as if they were not people. Charlie
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