Similarities Between Les Miserables And The Kite Runner

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Power. What is it?
In the world today, the beliefs and values of your culture depends on who or what has power over you. Power is the ability to influence or outright control the behavior of people. Whether your views are for religious reasons or because of your family name, power can be abused and twisted to your own liking. In both Les Miserables and The Kite Runner, it is based on how you are viewed in society and the social class society puts you in.
Throughout the story of the Les Miserables, the distribution of power varies throughout the different sections of the book and situations within them. Javert always has hold this sort of power over Jean Valjean for pretty much the whole story. In the beginning chapters, Jean was considered dangerous and a convict. Javert treats him like this for the rest of his life, no matter the good he does. Javert feels like it’s his duty to obey and enforce the law and he will go to whatever lengths to pursue that. “His mental attitude was compounded of two very simple principles, admirable in themselves but which, by carrying them to extremes, he made almost evil – respect for authority and hatred of revolt against it.” stated by Hugo to describe Javert’s black and white way of thinking. Jean lived in constant fear of Javert arresting him and taking him back to the galleys.
The Thenardiers also played a huge role in abusing power. They feel that since they are “taking care” of Cosette for

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