Similarities Between Literature And Literature

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Literature is a mirror of life and it also acts like a weapon and a garb to protect ourselves from various social evils that are threat to us. The manifold benefits of literature is- Literature not only acts like an umbrella but it cleanses our mind deep within and enlightens our soul and refreshes our body. That’s the magic of literature. That’s the reason why a person’s mind is rejuvenated after listing to a melody, after reading a good piece of work. Literature carries everything in its womb. Nature and Literature are related with each other. Literature acts like the medium of expression, an outburst of the suppressed. This paper contains – Introduction, Traces of Discrimination, Victims of Discrimination at Large and Conclusion. Women of our country have faced discrimination at all ages, now and hence forth this discrimination…show more content…
Her heroines have less right to choose when compared with the freedom given to the male characters. Her novels help us to see the intricacies of a women’s life as a mother, daughter, wife, lover and a victim of circumstances. If we look into the novel of The Dark Holds No Terrors by Shashi Deshpande we find Gender Discrimination and quest for Self Identity as a prominent feature of the novel. The author stresses on the changing pattern of the life of Indian middle class women their urge to have freedom in their lives and along with their weakness that does not help them to come out totally from the traditional norms of thoughts. The novel is about the protagonist Saru who is discriminated by her own mother and her brother Dhruva is treated as a blessing into their family. Saru being a girl she is considered as a burden to the family. Her brother’s birthdays are celebrated with much joy and fun, filled with rituals and rites when compared to her birthdays. She is treated as a second in preference and special attention is given to her
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