Similarities Between Machiavelli And Socrates

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Duties of the Prince: A Look at Machiavelli and Socrates’ Political Philosophies
Socrates and Niccolo Machiavelli, two of the most influential political philosophers of their respective times, have had profound impact on the functionality of government in today’s society, laying a sturdy foundation for successful democracies to come. Though they are equally impactful, their differing ideals are cause for close examination, especially when it comes to those relating to the Prince, or the ideal ruler. By analyzing Machiavelli’s The Prince and Plato’s
The Apology and Crito , one can clearly see the differences in political philosophy. Machiavelli, who is a strong proponent of the Prince doing what is best for the state, clearly clashes with
Socrates, who consistently stresses honorable actions of the individual. Through Plato’s descriptions of Socrates’ actions, one can begin to apply his emphasis on morality to his concept of the ideal Prince. Machiavelli’s writings on the ideal Prince, which strongly advocate for the ends justifying the means, are thus in clear contrast to Socrates’ ideas. This key disparity allows us to conclude that Socrates would not only have found Machiavelli’s Prince to be of the lowest moral standing, he would not have been supportive of a political regime run by such a person.
Machiavelli’s thoughts on the ideal Prince were so extensive they were cause for a lengthy, and one of the most revered, treatises in history. A founder of the modern nation
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