Similarities Between Mahavira And Buddha

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Have you ever heard of the religion Jainism or Buddhism? Do you even know who Mahavira and Buddha are? To answer the questions, these two people are important figures and leaders of the mentioned religions. Mahavira was the 24th Tirthankara and the reformer of Jainism. Whereas Buddha was the teacher and founder of Buddhism. In the present days, there are many beliefs concerning the fact that these two different persons could have been the same person. Regardless of this conviction, there are some who opposed and are against this idea for there are proofs that disclaimed the conceptions. However, both Mahavira and Buddha have many similarities that felt too strange to be a coincidence. Mahavira, or whose previously named as Vardhamana,…show more content…
Since both originated from India, their teachings are alike in some ways in which they both believed in karma and liberation, but mostly the ways of conduct in Jainism are much stricter and harsher. Likewise they denied the existence of God or the Creator. However, the Mahavira’s teachings acknowledges the presence of souls which is the opposite of Buddhism where they do not believe in the existence of eternal and indestructible souls. From these understandings, I would probably choose to be in the same religion as I was before which is Buddhism. I think that the teachings of Mahavira is too extreme for me to follow for I could not live without eating meat. I think I would not be able to bear the common practices of fasting and believing in inanimate objects containing souls. In addition, the goal of Buddhism is to end suffering through Nirvana, where for Jainism their goal is to become a perfect liberated soul. Also, the main principle that these two taught are different. Buddha taught us that life is suffering, and the only way to end it is by ending our ignorance and desires with practices of the Eightfold Path and the Four Noble Truth. On the other hand, Jainism focuses on Ahimsa or to respect all living beings and to not bring harm or kill any one of them. I believed that these two are quite similar in some ways, but they are not the same person because their birth dates, teachings and goals proved

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