Similarities Between Mayans And Ancient Cultures

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Mayans are probably best known for their prediction of the world’s end in 2012 or their other various predictions of what might take place in today’s culture; some of which have come true some of which have not. The Mayans were certainly a very intelligent and interesting culture. From their belief in multiple gods to their practices of human sacrifice the Mayans took their beliefs and their religion very seriously. Mayan religion revolved around astronomy, nature and rituals. Like many other ancient cultures, the Mayans believed in gods that were symbolized by things like the sun, moon, stars and other natural elements. Religious practices were extremely important to the Mayans. They even went as far as to offer human sacrifices to the gods. Mayan land was divided into segments called polities or city-states. Sometimes the interactions between polities were civil and at other times it was violent. It was during these violent times that polities would capture people from other polities. These prisoners were either used as slaves or if they were of a high status they were used for human sacrifice. These human sacrifices were “deemed necessary to sanctify certain ritual occasions, such as the ascendancy to the throne by a new ruler or the dedication of a new building” (Smith). Basic human sacrifices consisted of public decapitation in the form of a celebration. It was particularly exciting if the ruler of another polity was captured and sacrificed. After the humans were…
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