Similarities Between Mayans And Mayan Civilizations

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The Maya city state of Tikal and Teotihuacan were two of indigenous civilizations during the early Classic period (A.D. 250-450) and late classic period (A.D. 450-900) history of these tribes dating back to the 3rd century. As a result, of both tribes established a civilization around the same century. They both happen to share a verity of similar societal characteristics those being: economic trade, design pyramids for the gods, a fascination with astrology, ritual calendar system, religious ceremonies, temple and home architecture, agriculture, similar art material used to make sculptures, pottery, and complex social hierarchy system. In fact, economic trade was an important part of daily life for the Maya and city of Teotihuacan. A clear similarity was the products both cultures traded amongst each other. The popular items both civilizations would trade would be cacao seeds, corn, clothing, pottery, salt, and obsidian tools. Strangely enough even though gold was a resource in those times both empires did not use it as a form of currency when trade occurred preferably they used cacao seeds (chocolate) a drink that meant nobility. In the same way, trade built networking connections so did religion. Religion is seen as the foundation revolving around both civilizations daily lives both the Mayan people and Teotihuacan believed in a higher power the sun god Kinich Ahau (Maya) and Quetzalcóatl (Teotihuacan). Furthermore, both gods had been publicly praised all over
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