Similarities Between Memi And Sabu

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According to Leonard R. Rogers (2016), a sculpture is an art form in which hard or plastic substances are formed into three-dimensional art objects. The designs may be integrated in freestanding objects, in reliefs on surfaces, or in environments. A tremendous diversity of media may be utilized, including clay, wax, stone, metal, fabric, glass, wood, plaster, rubber. (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2016) In this essay, I will relate two sculptures of ancient times, the statue of Gudea from the Neo – Sumerian culture and the Egyptian statue of Memi and Sabu. The statue of Gudea was created between, 2150–2100 B.C, in the Neo-Sumerian culture. Contrasting to the sculpture of Memi and Sabu that represented nonroyals, the statue of Gudea staged one of the heroes of the…show more content…
2575–2465 B.C. It is a sculpture that was created from limestone and expresses a nonroyal pair, despite the inscription on the statue, which suggests that they had a royal association. Their status is further confirmed by the way in which the couple is dressed in common clothes and the fact they are not standing or sitting in any position of royalty like the statue of Gudea (The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2017). The statue of Memi and Sabu are husband and wife is supported by the fact that the Memi the husband gives Sabu the wife a warm embrace, similar to other statues of comparable nature. Memi is nearly a head taller than Sabu and the figure of Memi is slightly more pointed than the figure of Sabu. This sculpture was buried with nonroyal in a hidden chamber with the aim that the spirit would benefit from the gifts brought to them. The sculpture of Gudea was not buried like the statue of Memi and Sabu, alternatively, the statue of Gudea was made to express the wish that their ruler may live long and to place the statues in the temples Gudea built (The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2017).
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