Comparison Essay

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Many people seems to like when someone else are interested in the same thing they are into, they are comparing the similarities the other person has to themselves. In my research I had learn the different ways people view their similarities to one another and what men and women view similarities to each other. The researchers that had wrote journals and had profession over similarities are Pieternel Dijkstra (department of Psychology similarity of men and women), Lynne Hall and Sarah Woods (University of Sunderland, UK, University of Hertfordshire, who wrote The Importance of similarity in Empathic) Interactions, Richard L. Moreland and Robert B. Zajonc (Exposure Effects in Person Perception, Familiarity, Similarity, and Attraction). The final two researchers that I had read was R. Matthew Montoya (who wrote a study journal over the social and personal relationships), and the final journal written by Gina C. Gonzaga and Belinda Campos (Similarity, Convergence, and Relationship Satisfaction in Dating and Married Couples.)
In the research from Pieternel Dijkstra he had a looked into “similarity-attraction hypothesis” which is when an individual feels attracted to another potential partner who, in important domains, are similar as themselves. Almost the same people are assumed to be attractive because they validate their beliefs about the world and ourselves and reduce the risk of conflicts. Dijkstra had done numerous studies that require to examine closely to the truth that
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