Similarities Between Mesopotamia And Egypt

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The geographical location was an important factor in many of the ancient civilizations. Where the people settled determined whether they would have success at surviving. Both Mesopotamia and Egypt were ancient civilizations founded in roughly the same longitude and latitude area of the world. Hot dry areas full of dessert. What drew early civilizations to settle on these locations was the same for both places, land near water that was good for planting. What is different about each location is what makes these two early civilizations vastly different yet extremely important to our world today, the natural resources and the way the early settlers utilized them. Both Mesopotamia and Egypt were founded near large rivers. To be a farmer and either of the ancient civilizations would have met hard work seasonal changes and hauling water from the river difficult even in today standards. Mesopotamia has fertile land near the water’s edge. The rivers run parallel down both sides of the country. The remaining area is barren dessert, with a limited amount of Natural Resources. Egypt is surrounded by fertile land along the Nile its desert has many natural resources that makes both areas unique but completely different. Living in the desert area of either location required using the land and the resources it provided such as eating what was easy to grow, building houses out of what could be mined from the land and advancing everyday life by examining and experimenting with…
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