Similarities Between Metamorphosis And Frankenstein

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Sean O’Bryant
Dr. Scott
HUMA 2225
4 Dec 2017
Comparative Analysis of Frankenstein and The Metamorphosis When an individual does not meet certain societal norms and values, they may be rejected by society and seen as an outcast. In Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, the realm of the outcast is explored through the lives of Gregor Samsa and Frankenstein’s Monster. Although the plot lines and time periods of these two literary works are different, there are striking similarities in the major themes throughout the text. The themes of nature vs. nurture, alienation, and hopelessness permeate throughout the stories and portray the main characters as outcasts. Both Gregor and the Monster are faced with multiple obstacles which they must attempt to overcome. The long-running nature vs. nurture debate explores if a person’s development is a predisposition in their genetics (nature), or if it is a product of the individual’s environment and personal experiences (nurture). In both The Metamorphosis and Frankenstein, both main characters are born into the world free and uncorrupted by society. They then go through a series of changes in their lives and are shaped and influenced by their environment. In the novel Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein portrays the brilliant scientist, who grows up in Geneva learning about alchemy and medicine from his father. He later attends Ingolstadt, where he prefects his studies and uses galvanism to create a monster

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