Similarities Between Molly And Vivian In The Book 'The Orphan Train'

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Redemption, a word with many meanings but few examples. People who usually think of redemption will normally think about Jesus, but few ever think of Molly Ayer and Niamh Power. Molly Ayer is a young troubled orphan teenager with a gothic persona, who desperately tried to find a family who she can call her own. Vivian is a 91-year-old women, who is more commonly known as Vivian. has agreed to help Molly complete her 50 hours of community service while Molly is on probation after she was caught steal a book. Throughout the novel Molly and Vivian will enlightened each other with their own past and their various similarities that will help them develop a closer bond with each other. In the book, “The Orphan Train” Molly Ayer and Vivian
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