Similarities Between Montresor And Fortunato In The Cask Of Amontillado

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In the short story "The Cask of Amontillado," The writer Edgar Allgen Poe uses the characters in literature is an extended verbal representation of a human being, specifically the inner self that determines thought, speech and behavior by the dialogue between protagonists - Montresor and Fortunato, and the reasons for the formation of Fortunato's tragedy, as well as how to show their character in the story. The analysis revealed that the negative character of these two protagonists together contributed to the generation of Fortunato's tragedy. In the beginning of the story, “The thousand injuries of Fortunato I had borne as I best could, but when he ventured upon insult I vowed revenge.” (Edgar, 1) Montresor vowed to avenge because Fortunato ventured upon insult him. The tragedy began to take shape. After that Montresor pretended he wanted Fortunato to come to his home for discriminating the authenticity of the wine that he bought. In fact, he was trying to kill Fortunato…show more content…
Everything just seems to suit his evil intentions. He found a seemingly legitimate and deceptive reason for his actions that is let Fortunato to help him for identification of Amontillado from Sherry. Also, he intends to curry favor with Fortunato, he said "How remarkably well you are looking to-day.” (Edgar, ) He deliberately picks up Fortunato’s interest in the identification of wine. And the same time, Montresor meant to let Fortunato drank a lot of wine even to let Fortunato drunk. He also prepared a trowel and all the tools for his deliberate murder. He killed Fortunato, but for the half of a century no one has discovered his sin. It’s because he killed Fortunato secretly in order to impunity. All these have shown Montresor is extremely
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