Similarities Between Nature And Nature

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In this essay, I will debate the assumption that nature and technology are binary opposites, or two worlds apart from each other. I will refer to the interactive game which I have used within my presentation to illustrate how technology is not separate from nature- human nature in particular- but that it is simply a man made artifice, which is the materialisation of the plethora of ideas within the human mind. I will also refer to one of the three presribed readings from Arthur (2009) in order to better substantiate my views and opinions about this subject.

Technology and nature share many surprising similarities in that they follow the same processes of benefiting mankind and nature; once new technologies have been created, they have become
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The magical elements such as the mythical creatures, monsters and beasts, spells, powers and the stories which are told signify the right or creative brain, stereotyped as feminine.

Therefore, World of Warcraft is the perfect hybrid of the two hemispheres of human intelligence, orderly as well as creative, logical yet emotional, realistic yet imaginative.

To summarise, technology follows the same process as that of nature in that new technologies are formed from older building blocks of previous technologies. Technology has undergone an evolution, drifting from the Modernistic principles of masculine order and rationality towards the Postmodernistic values of feminine imagination and emotional spontaneity. An example of this would be the economy, which adapts to the ebb and flow of the supply and demand of society at large. The internet is another example of an intricately complex network of information and ideas.

World of Warcraft imitate real world races and cultures, whilst still using mythical monsters and beasts instead of solely human characters. This serves as a hybrid between the two hemispheres of the human brain, logic and emotion, realism and
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