Similarities Between Obama And Martin Luther King Jr

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Barack Obama and Martin Luther King Jr. are both very influential African American leaders. Both have had an extremely positive impact on America, especially for the African American community. Obama spoke out about the past struggles, struggles of today, and what can be done to resolve these struggles for African American children in particular during his speech at the NAACP Centennial Convention in 2009. In King’s speech “I Have a Dream” given back in 1963, he spoke about the change that we need and how he believes we can get there. Obama and King’s use of repetition, analogies, and ethos determines the impact they are leaving on their audience. Although Obama gave a strong powerful speech, King used those rhetorical devices more effectively to leave an impact on his audience.

Repetition is a large factor that can help a speaker get their point across in a powerful way. Both Obama and King use this rhetorical device, but King is more convincing with it. By repeating the phrase, “I have a dream” he is really helping his audience visualize how the future could be. He is showing how we, the people of America, are the ones who can end segregation and unequal treatment of those of color. King also repetitively quoted the patriotic
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He really conveyed his morals by explaining to the audience why violence is not the option and how you get closer to the outcome you want by protesting peacefully. King explains his thoughts by saying, “We must not allow our creative protest to degenerate into physical violence. Again and again, we must rise to the majestic heights of meeting physical force with soul force.” Obama also included ethos in his speech, as well as morals, but still not as competently as MLK. He shows his care for people and their well being by saying, “We’re creating a Race to the Top fund that will reward states and public school districts that adopt 21st century standards and
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