Similarities Between Oedipus And Odysseus

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The personality of the characters of Oedipus and Odysseus portray the ancient greek view of how a person should model themselves as to be a hero. In Oedipus Rex, Oedipus says, “Sirrah, what mak'st thou here? Dost thou presume, To approach my doors, thou brazen-faced rogue, (. . .) Come, answer this, didst thou detect in me, Some touch of cowardice or witlessness, That made thee undertake this enterprise (. . .) The serpent stealing on me in the dark, Or else too weak to scotch it when I saw. This _thou_ art witless seeking to possess, Without a following or friends the crown, A prize that followers and wealth must win.”(530-545). In this passage Oedipus is revealed to be drunk with power and questions his subject’s loyalty at every turn which becomes a theme…show more content…
. .) get back quickly to the ship again, and go sailing off across the salt water; but I would not listen to them.” (9.224-230) Odysseus is a hero of good character and is set up as a person that you want to be like. In the passage Odysseus refuses to steal from the cyclops, reminding the Greek people that hosting someone is a two way exchange and solidifies himself as person of good note. In the Article Oedipus Crux: Reasonable Doubt in Oedipus the King by Kurt Fosso adds to the personality of Oedipus by writing, “Also worth noting is that Jocasta, after speaking with Oedipus about the king’s murder, laments to the Chorus that he typically “excites himself too much / at every sort of trouble” (OT 914-15). Rather than conjecture “like a man of sense,” This passage helps to remind the Greek people not to look up to Oedipus but rather Odysseus who acts with resolve and logic like a true Greek hero would. By witnessing the personality of the main characters the Greek people change their beliefs and views in order to match their hero of Odysseus and try not to be like Oedipus so they can achieve honor and
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