Similarities Between Oryx And Crake And Blade Runner

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Margaret Atwood and Ridley Scott also explore capitalistic natures of advanced biotechnology through their texts Oryx and Crake and Blade Runner. Both societies portrayed in these texts account for seeking ‘utopian’ futures using advanced scientific technology to acquire ubiquitous tyranny. Oryx and Crake unravels the protagonist - Snowman’s past including his love for a young girl called Oryx and his friendship with a genius interested in immortality and genetic mutation known as Crake. The greed behind scientific research was exposed when Snowman’s mom punched out the hideous facts out of his dad’s corporation - OrganInc Farms: “You’ve thought up yet another way to rip off a bunch of desperate people….you hype your wares and take all their money and then they run out of cash, and it’s no more treatments for them.” The readers eventually learned that the companies even went as far to create new diseases to keep up with the progress of cures they invented, ultimately in order for people to continue to be sick for their profit. As such capitalism was occurring, Crake was driven by his desire to create ‘Crakers’; humans genetically constructed to be fearless of death, thus immortal in Crake’s opinion, as well to optimize life’s quality while minimizing their impact on Earth. Oblivion of death, absence of interest in art, and illiteracy were the most prioritized qualities of the Crakers to achieve Crake’s desired immortality: "Immortality is a concept. If you take 'mortality'

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