Similarities Between Picasso And Matisse

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Some think rivalry is two people that holds onto totally different believes and don’t fit together well. But Matisse and Picasso proved to the society that rivalry isn’t always negative, it also brings onboard competition, inspiration, motivation, friendship and more. Ever after Gertrude Stein arranged a meet between the two, Picasso and Matisse became rivals for the rest of their life. Both were influential artist that have dominated the art of the twentieth century. Even though, they were rivals, Picasso and Matisse envied each other’s artwork. Some describe their relationship as a game of chess, the back and forth interaction and acknowledging each other’s talent; some describe it as tango, the passion and love in every move, the…show more content…
According to the Steins, Matisse and Picasso are two gifted men whose temperaments and strengths were more different. It was only natural that the two artists would see themselves as rivals. When the two men meet, Matisse’s career was beginning to take off. On March 19th, 1906, his second one-man show opened at a Private Gallery where he exhibited fifty-five paintings, along with a number of sculptures, watercolors, drawings, and lithographs. The paintings ranged in date from 1897 to the current year, so the exhibition served as a retrospective that gave a clear idea of his art development. For the 1906 Salon exhibition, Matisse only showed a single painting, Le Bonheur de vivre (Fig. 5), which was the largest- and most daring- canvas he had ever done. Matisse’s creation of The women with the hat (Fig. 3) had unexpectedly shocked people, but with le Bonheur de vivre. Matisse appear to have purposely set out this painting to create a shocking effect. That Matisse wanted his painting to be a kind of manifesto. Leo Stein bought the painting and declared it to be “the most important painting done in our time.” And was hung up high in Gertrude and Leo’s studio. Leo’s high opinion of Le Bonheur de vivre must have vexed Picasso. Picasso was working on Gertrude’s portrait (Fig. 2) at the time he and Matisse first met. The sensation Matisse’s painting created, made it difficult for Picasso to
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