Similarities Between Public Transport And Own Transport

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“The key word for transportation in the 21st is choice” by Anthony Foxx. Nowadays, transportation is vital to everyone in the world. In this century, there are many types of transportation such as car, motorcycle and bus. Statistic on 2013, show that people who use public transport had increased than people who use their own transport. From this statistic we know that people mostly like to use public transport than their own transport. For that reasons, we find the comparison between public transport and own transport. There are five features like number of people in one transport, safety, time, cost, and the bad effect on people health that we can compared between them.
Firstly, public transport can accommodate many people in one time. For example, bus usually can fix between 45 till 50 people in it. It is because some of them will seat and some of them will stand during their way same as LRT. So that, people can ride on it and it can save time as they can reach their destination quickly. Other than that, within public transport such as LRT it has special coach for women who use that public transport as their transport. So, women can
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Firstly, people can use both transport to reach their destination. Besides that, both transport also use petrol as their fuel so that it can help the transport go further. The Malaysian Road Transport Department decided each driver of transportation must have driving license to drive it. Each transportation also must show its road tax on front of it. To get better performances, both transport should do the services at least once a month. In a conclusion, we can conclude that both transport have differences on their features like number of people, safety, time, cost and bad effect on people health. But both transport have the similarities on its function. So, we would prefer to choose public transport is better than own transport based on reasons
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