Similarities Between Raisin In The Sun And Everyday Use

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Mara Gabriel
Professor Moore
October 5, 2017
Identity through literature Raisin in the Sun and “Everyday use” contains many characters who have strong Identities and meaning, but Beneatha Younger and Dee are the characters who have the most dynamic Identities. Their Identities as intelligent African American women develops overtime and change the way they interact with their family, and how they view themselves as a member of society.
Bennie has a strong Identity through being educated. She is the most highly educated member of her family, and she takes pride in that. As she becomes more educated and integrated into a new world, Bennie`s beliefs and ways of thinking change, and differ greatly from her family`s. The more Bennie immersed herself in her education, the more she felt the need to change to fit her new role. She spent money on photography classes and horseback riding lessons, even though her family was barely scraping by. Beneatha also becomes arrogant in her way of thinking, and insults her mother by dismissing God, “mean it! I’m just tired of hearing about God all the time. What has He got to do with anything? Does he pay tuition?” (1.1.277). Beneatha is so engrossed in her school Identity that she forgers her identity as a Christian and as a member of her mothers` household. Beneatha wanted to be a doctor, so she saw herself on Gods level because she would someday save lives, “That was what one person could do for another, fix him up – sew up the

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