Similarities Between Rome And Greece

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Ancient civilizations are perhaps one of the most fascinating topics one could research, and of the numerous civilizations that have sprung up over the years, perhaps none are more fascinating than that of Ancient Greece and Rome. Greece and Rome emerged from Europe, in around the same place. They are both similar and different, and are some of the greatest civilizations that have ever existed. Religion is one of the defining aspects of pre-modern era, and in none more evident than ancient Greece and rome. Both Greece and Rome had different beliefs and rituals. In ancient Greece, one of their most important beliefs was that “the gods existed, they could influence human affairs, and they welcomed and responded to acts of piety and worship” (Cartwright 1). The fact that religion was a major part in their day to day lives was also evident in their plethora of temples scattered across the southern Balkan Peninsula, some of the most notable being the Temple of Artemis, the Erechtheion, the Temple of Zeus, and the Parthenon. Ancient Greeks sacrificed animals and burnt offerings to appease the gods, and called upon them in time of war. Romans were also polytheistic, adopting many of the gods of Greece and other nearby civilizations (Wasson 1). Even though Rome adopted some of the Greek gods, they still remained two different religions. Roman religion was far more strict than Greek religion. In Rome, obeying a strict set of rituals was far more important than your individual
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