Similarities Between Rome And The Roman Republic

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When studying Western Civilizations, Rome is one of the primordial regions to be concentrated on. From the fall of the monarchy in Rome, in 509 BCE, a new era of innovations and developments was born. It was the Roman Republic. From socio-economics, to politics, to culture, the Republic, had something to offer. In addition, the Roman Republic shares a lot of differences and similarities with the Spartan State. Rome, in its Etruscan origins, was a monarchy. It is claimed that the monarchy was replaced by the Republic after Lucretia, a well-respected noblewoman, was raped by a prince. This caused anger to many nobles who decided to overthrow the royal family. After this event, the government was reformed and the Roman Republic was established. The Roman Republic was established in the year 509 BCE. The Romans reformed their government and modified their political institutions. The concept of imperium, meaning the right to command was essential. Those who had imperium had privileges related to governing. The government's administration was given to two groups of people, the consuls. These consuls were responsible of the military affairs of Rome. They were chosen every year. Later, in 366 BCE, the status of praetor came to life. The praetor was responsible of the creation of laws and for taking care of pending tasks during the consuls’ absence. The Senate was also a major part of the Roman Republic’s political institutions. This group was composed by three hundred men, who
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