Similarities Between Romeus And Juliet

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Romeus and Juliet are not allowed to see each other. In lines 1 and 2, Romeus is revealed to only visit Juliet at night. Then in lines 37 and 38, Juliet states that her kinsmen are his "deadly foes." This means that Romeus could die at their hands because "deadly" means to be able to cause someone's death, and "foe" means enemy. Because Juliet loves Romeus, she waits for him, being sure that he would pass by. While waiting for him in line 9, she "is almost dead for grief" due to the fact that he passes by her bower "a week or two in vain" (line 6). Because the word vain means producing no result, this line tells me that Romeus does not show. In lines 37 and 38, I can tell that Juliet loves Romeus because she worries about Romeus's safety.
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