Similarities Between Rtk And Tvb

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1. Introduction
Uttara (2016) defines mass media as a communication medium which used to interact or communicate with large amount of citizens of different languages. People receive different messages through communication devices every day, such as TV, newspapers, and magazines. People received pictorial massages in the past. Nowadays, those devices become high-technology media. One thing that all of us agree upon, is that media become an inseparable element of our life. Media is an effective tool to disseminate information, market, advertise, and communicate. It was a double-edged sword since there are both positive and negative influences of the mass media.

2. Purpose
This essay is going to compare and contrast the types of television programmes between RTHK and TVB. Besides, the content and types of the programme also will be analyzed. How RTHK and TVB make programme on the same or similar topic. The relationship
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Both of them mainly focus on different types of the programme with Cantonese. After comparison with programmes’ content, readers know the distribution of genre of programmes. It helps us to understand audiences’ interests on particular channels.

Apart from that, Super Trio Supreme(獎門人)is one of the popular programmes in TVB and last for many years. It was also controversial at that time. However, RTHK does not produce similar types of programmes to attract audiences. Public service broadcasting and commercial broadcasting have different market position and market segments. After analyzing, this report will show that which broadcaster need to exist in the mass media to rich the types of programmes or not.

3. Sources of data
First, survey of TV Program Appreciation Index 2016 issued on October 5, 2016. This is a credible survey, which was conducted by The University of Hong Kong’s Public Opinion Programme. The results showed the top 20 appreciative value programmes in this
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