Similarities Between Samurai And Knights

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In about 1000 to 1600 CE in history two warriors were made with a different name and in two different countries. “More than a thousand years ago, a class of professional warriors arose, who swore oaths of loyalty to noble lords and fought to the death to defend them in battle” (Overview). The two warriors were samurai and knights. Samurais were fighting for Japan in the class of military retainers of the daiyomes while across the seas the knights were fighting on horseback in Europe. To keep order in the land both regions developed a system that historians called federalism.There were more differences than similarities and here are some reasons why the differences were greater than the similarities.
The first reason why the differences are greater than the similarities is because of the social order in feudal Japan and Europe. ”Historians and other scholars use social pyramids to show how societies were structured” (Document A). The samurai owned loyalty and military service to daimyo 's for land or regular payment while on the other hand knights owned loyalty and military service to the lords. Another difference about samurais and knights was the population. Samurai with families took about 10% of Japan 's population and in Europe, there was estimated 12,000 knights in England and Normany France in the 12th century. One more difference is that there are four people above the knight in the social order but only three for samurai.
The second reason why the differences
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