Similarities Between Science And Science

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introduction Religion and Science are very compatible; they both provide knowledge and understanding of human nature and the world in which humankind live. Galileo According to Galileo, there are two kinds of truth. One is the truth acquires through intellects, experience, and vital evidence. The second is the truth acquired through bible teachings. The bible is meant to explain topics that are beyond human reasoning, things that cannot be proven by science. Accordingly, religious truth is strongly based on faith; it depends on the teachings of a divine being and not on evidence. Science, on the other hand, contributes knowledge on things that cannot be literally explained by the Bible; every statement made in science must be proven with facts. Nonetheless, these different truths…show more content…
When used in conjunction, science and religion contribute knowledge that allows people to seal the gaps that may exist in each other’s theories. They complete each other. They are both guides that make people life more fulfilling by providing answers to common questions like creation. Conclusion: In conclusion, religion is compatible with science because they are both sources of knowledge and understanding to humankind. They give people, the answers to common questions about existence. The bible allows human beings to gain knowledge in a humble way by establishing a higher power as the source of all knowledge. Science, however, allows human beings to make their own discoveries, using the gifts given to them by the Higher power, to gain knowledge. While religion teaches human beings that some knowledge cannot be proven, science gives them the tools needed to gain evidence of the things that can. Science and religion, when well interpreted, support each other. They complete each other theories by filling each other’s gap. For example, God can be inserted into science big bang theory to explain what came before the big
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