Similarities Between South Africa And Usa

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USA vs. South Africa
South Africa and the United States are very similar in many way; however, they have their differences. South Africa compared to many other nations is underdeveloped but it is one of the most developed countries in Africa. South Africa is a prorupted state, and its enclave is Lesotho. South Africa touches two oceans like the United States, the Atlantic and the Indian ocean, while the US touches the Atlantic and the Pacific. The US has many similarities and differences with South Africa such as population, culture, agriculture and many more.
First, the population of the countries differ, the US has a population of 318 million while South Africa has a population of 54 million. Also in South Africa they have had the best male
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Something that is similar for California and Johannesburg may not be similar for Iowa and Capetown. For one, South Africa is one of the few places in Africa that you can find and American invented McDonalds. There are few similarities between the two although South Africa is the only African country that really has anything in common with most places in the US. Second, English is a common language, and there are more whites and there is more diversity in South Africa such as in the US just as in America you will find people of almost every race and culture. In South Africa many languages can be heard as well. Another similarity is the crime. Inner cities in the USA and cities in South Africa both have similar problems with gangs, violence, and racial prejudice. The first difference is travel and driving. It's very unorganized to drive anywhere in South Africa. Travel laws are not enforced and it's much different in the USA. Also the poverty in South Africa is different than the "poverty" found in America. Pure hopelessness, desperation and malnourishment can be found on the faces of countless orphans and homeless in South Africa. It is not the same in the U.S there is more availability, more opportunity and more help for the people that are homeless in America which is completely non-existent in South…show more content…
Many things like high unemployment, different cultural traits and the spread of cities have created two totally different countries. The comparison between the two countries further the accuracy of the demographic transition model because it shows the different stages of development. For instance, South Africa has a high birth and death rate while the US has low birth rates and death rates showing that the US is more developed. We can see this by looking at the difference in things like unemployment rate and life expectancy. Overall the US is more developed than South Africa shown by the differences between things like population, culture and
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