Similarities Between Sumeriamerian And Egypt

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I am going to compare Sumerian civilization 4000-2000 BC and Egyptian civilization 3000-1000 BC. Sumerian is people who lived in present-day Iraq. Sumerian civilization is one of a Mesopotamian civilization. In this essay, Egyptian is people who lived in Egypt in 3000-1000 BC. I chose that three categories ; religions, culture and economy. First, I am going to write about religions of Sumerian and Egyptian. The time of Egypt in this paragraph is about 2050-1085 BC. it is Middle kingdom and New kingdom. Sumerian religion was polytheism. They believed gods like Enki, Anu, Nabu, Muati. Many gods are came from nature things. For example, Adad is a god of rains and storms and Shamash is a god of sun. They believed that their gods were selfish…show more content…
I think they thoughts were pessimism. They thought that death is not happy because there was the grim underworld and there was only shadows doomed to a pitiable existence. Even hero was awaited grim death. Egyptian religion was polytheism, too. They believed Rah, Osiris and so on. There are many gods in Egypt that came from animals. Heket which is god of frog is one of them. I think the most characteristic things of Egyptian religion is their thoughts of life and death. They believed that the god Osiris judged them on the lives and that those who had lived “good lives” would attain a happy eternity alongside the gods. They believed that they resurrect after they dead if they were honest person. I am going to compare these two religions. Both of them were polytheism. There are many monotheism religions in today, but both of them had many gods. Some of the gods came from same things. Both of them had god of sun ; Utu and Ra. I learned that people in that period think that sun is…show more content…
Cuneiform is relating to the writing used by the people of ancient Mesopotamia. Cuneiform character was invented by Sumerian. Sumerian had sexagesimal system. That is counting system which based on sixties. In sexagesimal system, it needs 59 numbers. They had number of 1 to 59 in cuneiform. They also invented lunar calendar. Lunar calendar is a system of calendar which is based phases of Moon. Hieroglyph is a picture of symbol of an object, representing a word, syllable or sound, especially as used in ancient Egyptian. Hieroglyph is a basis of alphabet. Egyptian had decimal system which is a counting system based on 10. 10 came from our number of fingers.We use decimal system today. They invented solar calendar which based position of the sun. People in president day use Gregorian calendar which comes from solar calendar. I am going to compare these two culture. Same things of these two are both of them invented characters, counting systems and calendars. In counting system, both of them used our number of finger. It shows that our finger was the most common calculator in that period. All of them that they invented are wonderful invention, but Sumerian invention is not the direct basis of our culture. Hieroglyph, decimal system and solar calendar were invented by
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