Similarities Between The Awakening And Biff Loman

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Two major characters in The Awakening and Death of a Salesman are Robert Lebrun and Biff Loman. We see each character go through conflict both internal and external, and I believe that both characters handled their conflict similarly. These characters set up major parts of the books and cause many events. I see Robert as a dynamic character and Biff as a static character. Each of these characters have flaws, but they do not affect their downfall instead another character’s downfall. These characters each have a foil. I believe both of these characters can be related in their impact on other characters in the books. Robert Lebrun and Biff Loman have a numerous amount of characterizations to them, and can be related to one another. Robert Lebrun…show more content…
Although, he has flaws that affect other characters as well. First, he goes after married women. This is Robert just wanting to be able to flirt without marrying someone. This is a problem when it comes to Edna. She take the flirting too seriously, and this leads to the loving of each other. This flaw is a major problem that directly leads to the downfall of Edna. Second, Robert is too traditional for Edna. Once Robert has an idea that there is a chance that they could be together, he turns to say that he would need permission from Leonce. This shows Edna that he is just like the other men and thinks that the women are under the control of the husband (“Character Analysis Robert Lebrun”). Next, Biff Loman in Death of a Salesman is a major character that sets up the plot for the story and also influences Willy’s death. Biff is a static character. He remains the same from the beginning of the play until the end. He does not know who is the whole time and is trying to find himself. He is always stealing even since he was…show more content…
The way he faces his conflict is just like Robert Lebrun, he runs from them. Biff moves out west to try to find himself. He wants to work with his hands and hard work. This is the opposite of his father. This is result of the conflict with his father because he wants to be the opposite man of his father. Although, Biff could have faced this conflict differently because he could have actually talked with his father. This could have grew a new relationship with his father, and he could become a lot more successful in life (“Character Analysis Biff Loman”). Next, Biff Loman is a foil to Bernard. He does not have anything against Bernard, but they are just different types of people. Bernard has the mindset of hard work in school to get a good job. Biff had the idea like his father that he just had to be good looking and well liked. Biff learned that this is not the case. We see that Biff eventually does hard work in the west and likes it. Bernard’s characteristics of hard work emphasizes the distinction of Biff’s naive ideas at a young

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